About Us

Who We Are

MK International (MKI) is a Norway-based business investment & development consulting company specialising in business & market development through comprehensive research, creative marketing and brand-building strategies tailored to the needs of its valued customers.

MKI´s business consulting specialises in the fields of oil & gas, infrastructure development, urban design & development of buildings, parks and gardens and international trade for a wide variety of consumer commodities as well as cultural content development & production targeting international media consumers.

MKI operates in Europe, North America and Asia, and is currently eyeing the Middle East and Africa as well.

Our Business Ethics

MKI was founded on three strict ethical principles; integrity, transparency and social responsibility.  All MKI business activities are practiced based on these principles and all MKI employees and partners are expected to respect our core business ethics.

Our Vision

We envision a world where each and every fellow human lives a life of basic human rights and security, fair and equal opportunity and happiness. MKI ensures that all of its business activities are planned and carried out with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to be a leading Social Enterprise that focuses on sustainable profit for shareholders and employees alike, as well as long-term environmental sustainability for the communities we operate in.